July 25, 2014

About Counselling

How to choose a counsellor?

Finding the right one when you are already feeling at an emotional low can seem difficult.  As you have reached my website, are you feeling that you would like some support to get through a difficult time?  Contacting me is easy.  Either click on my picture to send an email, or call me on 01353 624375

Buried emotional problems tend to rise to the surface every time you are feeling stressed, or suffer depression, or become anxious.  Counselling helps to deal with these issues in a safe, secure, confidential space and help to get control back in your life.


Reaching out to contact a counsellor can seem to be most difficult, but having done that you will be on the way to help.

I offer counselling to people who feel that they would like some support , whether they are feeling depressed, stressed or are struggling with a different set of problems.


Counselling (therapeutic counselling) helps to explore feelings and offers a client a regular space and time talking to a counsellor about a particular issue or difficulty that is distressing to them, such as anxiety, panic attacks, relationship problems, job loss, or bereavement.

In counselling the client tells the counsellor as much or as little as they want. It is the counsellor’s role to listen to the client and help them explore their thoughts and feelings, in a confidential, non-judgemental environment.  By listening to the client, the counsellor aims to see the situation through the clients eyes and reflect it back, so that the client may see their situation more clearly.  By exploring the issue more deeply, the client may be able to bring about the necessary change in their life.

Counselling is for anyone with a problem that they feel is not solvable on their own.


Why not contact me for an initial assessment, for you to find out about me as well as for me to find out a little about you.

After that you may decide to continue, or not – it is your choice. You have nothing to lose and I may be able to help.

If you would like to make an appointment, or talk to me about receiving counselling / psychotherapy or would just like more information on the benefits of counselling, please call me on 01353 624375, or just leave a message, or email counsellor@thepurplefeather.co.uk


£45 Individuals
£55 couples